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Purebred Mulefoot Pigs For Sale

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Our Location
Mulefoot Pig Reservation Form
Purebred Pigs For Sale

All of our stock are registered with
The American Mulefoot Hog Association 


We currently have available:

2 young registered boars for $200 each.

For more information phone 417-261-2228 or 417 - 261 1447.

You can email me at or write us at:

 Water Hollow Farm, HC 73 Box 159-1, Drury, MO 65638

Water Hollows AMOS

Contact us to inquire about stock not listed on this page.
We may have other stock available!
To reserve in advance:
1.)  Contact us for current pricing information.
2.)  Print our reservation form, fill out and mail to us.

Jerry Painter & Susan Bates
* HC73, Box 159 * Drury MO * US * 65638 *
* Phone: 417-261-2228 or 417-261-1447 *
Email: or